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    Pseudohypoglycemia in a patient with leukemia.

    Biomedicine 1981 Dec;35(7-8):203-4

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    [In vitro glucose consumption in severe hyperleukocytosis. A cause of factitious hypoglycemia].
    Sem Hop 1983 Feb;59(8):533-6
    Following the observation, in a patient with leukemia, of a factitious hypoglycemia that was related to in vitro glucose consumption by leukocytes, a study of glucose fall in vitro in the blood of 17 patients with leukemia of various types and with various grades of leukocytosis was undertaken. Results show that in vitro glucose consumption is linked to the intensity of leukocytes concentration, and is independant of the type of leukocyte. Factitious hypoglycemia may thus frequently occur in patients with high blood leukocyte count. Read More
    Leukocytosis and artifactual hypoglycemia.
    JAMA 1977 May;237(18):1961-2
    Two patients are described with asymptomatic low blood glucose and excessive in vitro consumption of glucose by leukocytes before separation of the serum for assay. This may be a more common problem than is appreciated and need not be associated with leukemia or extreme leukocytosis. The circumstances that allow this avoidable type of artifactual hypoglycemia may also produce factitious euglycemia during evaluation of suspected diabetes mellitus. Read More