Improving follow up after predictive testing in Huntington's disease: evaluating a genetic counselling narrative group session.

J Community Genet 2019 Apr 18. Epub 2019 Apr 18.

Division of Evolution and Genomic Sciences, School of Biological Science, University of Manchester, Manchester, UK.

Recently updated Huntington's disease (HD) predictive testing guidelines emphasise clinicians' responsibility to facilitate emotional support following testing, regardless of the result. Yet models of post-test counselling support are poorly defined. Moreover, it is unclear how these might be best delivered. In this project, a genetic counsellor and clinical psychologist developed standalone group sessions using collective narrative practices for individuals post-predictive testing. Here we present an evaluation of the experiences of one group of six people who have tested mutation positive for HD and remain pre-symptomatic. Two partners also attended the session. Observations, evaluation forms and telephone interviews were used in data collection. Interview data was available from five mutation-positive individuals and one partner. Qualitative data were analysed using a thematic framework approach. Responses were overwhelmingly positive, emphasising the importance of a specifically arranged time and space to share experiences in a structured way. This was typically the first time participants had spoken openly with someone in their situation. Narrative facilitation of discussion encouraged participants to re-discover their strengths and resiliences, with similar experiences being discovered through connections with others. The evaluation was successful in implementing group narrative interventions as part of the predictive test counselling support for Huntington's disease. Participants suggested that the approach could be extended and adopted for other genetic conditions.

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April 2019
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