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    [Editorial: Urinary tract laparoscopic reconstructive surgery.]

    Arch Esp Urol 2017 May;70(4):377-378
    Servicio de Urología. Hospital Universitario Puerta de Hierro de Majadahonda. Madrid. España.

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    [Principles of urinary tract reconstructive surgery.]
    Arch Esp Urol 2017 May;70(4):379-384
    Servicio de Urología. Hospital Universitario La Paz. Madrid. España.
    Introduction: In the last 15 years, the role of laparoscopic surgery has progressively increased to include reconstructive procedures such as pyeloplasty and management of ureteral stricture, in addition to being a field in continuous development, this refers to the improvement of ergonomics, new instruments and new techniques. We present a review on basic features of laparoscopic reconstructive surgery in urology.

    Acquisition Of Evidence: For this review, an exhaustive literature search was performed in PUBMED, MEDILNE, BioMed central and others, with the keywords: reconstructive surgery, urology, laparoscopy. Read More
    Two-Port Laparoscopic Reconstructive Surgery of the Urinary Tract with Reusable Umbilical System (Hybrid Less): A Proof of Concept Study.
    Urol Int 2016 2;97(2):179-85. Epub 2016 Mar 2.
    Departamento Clínico, Facultad de Ciencias Biomédicas, Universidad Europea de Madrid, Laureate International Universities, Madrid, Spain.
    Objectives: We compared perioperative results and complications of reconstructive surgery of the urinary tract performed using a multichannel platform through the umbilicus and one additional 3.5-mm with a cohort of patients simultaneously treated with conventional 4-port laparoscopy.

    Materials And Methods: Matched-pair study comparing perioperative outcomes, postoperative visual analogue pain scale (VAPS) and morbidity of 2-port (n = 20) and 4-port (n = 10) laparoscopic reconstructive urological surgery. Read More
    Single-session laparoscopic total urinary tract exenteration without repositioning for multifocal urothelial carcinoma in dialysis-dependent patients.
    Urology 2011 Jan;77(1):98-103
    Department of Urology, E-Da Hospital, Kaohsiung County, Taiwan, Republic of China.
    Objectives: To report our experience of single-session, en bloc, laparoscopic total urinary tract exenteration in dialysis-dependent patients with multifocal urothelial carcinoma.

    Methods: From June 2005 to April 2008, 5 dialysis-dependent patients (4 women and 1 man) diagnosed with synchronous upper urinary tract and bladder urothelial carcinoma underwent single-session, en bloc, laparoscopic total urinary tract exenteration. Bilateral nephroureterectomy was facilitated by rotating the operating table with or without alternative inflation of the tourniquet cuffs on either side of the patient's back to allow adequate spontaneous bowel displacement by gravity, thereby avoiding the need to reposition the patient. Read More
    Robotic renal and upper tract reconstruction.
    Curr Opin Urol 2008 Nov;18(6):557-63
    Department of Urology, New York University School of Medicine, New York, New York 10016, USA.
    Purpose Of Review: To evaluate the current role of robotic surgery in upper urinary tract reconstruction.

    Recent Findings: Robotic techniques have been increasingly adopted by urologists for reconstruction of the upper urinary tract. The improved dexterity, visualization, and ergonomics of robotic systems have applied naturally to reconstruction and have facilitated intracorporeal suturing compared with traditional laparoscopy. Read More