Correlative in-resin super-resolution and electron microscopy using standard fluorescent proteins.

Elena Seiradake
Elena Seiradake
University of Oxford
United Kingdom
Ilan Davis
Ilan Davis
University of Oxford
United Kingdom
Rainer Kaufmann
Rainer Kaufmann
University of Heidelberg

Sci Rep 2015 Mar 31;5:9583. Epub 2015 Mar 31.

1] Division of Structural Biology, Wellcome Trust Centre for Human Genetics, University of Oxford, Roosevelt Drive, Oxford, OX3 7BN, UK [2] Department of Biochemistry, University of Oxford, South Parks Road, Oxford, OX1 3QU, UK.

We introduce a method for correlative in-resin super-resolution fluorescence and electron microscopy (EM) of biological structures in mammalian culture cells. Cryo-fixed resin embedded samples offer superior structural preservation, performing in-resin super-resolution, however, remains a challenge. We identified key aspects of the sample preparation procedure of high pressure freezing, freeze substitution and resin embedding that are critical for preserving fluorescence and photo-switching of standard fluorescent proteins, such as mGFP, mVenus and mRuby2. This enabled us to combine single molecule localization microscopy with transmission electron microscopy imaging of standard fluorescent proteins in cryo-fixed resin embedded cells. We achieved a structural resolution of 40-50 nm (~17 nm average single molecule localization accuracy) in the fluorescence images without the use of chemical fixation or special fluorophores. Using this approach enabled the correlation of fluorescently labeled structures to the ultrastructure in the same cell at the nanometer level and superior structural preservation.

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March 2015
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standard fluorescent
electron microscopy
in-resin super-resolution
fluorescent proteins
structural preservation
superior structural
single molecule
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cryo-fixed resin
resin embedded
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mvenus mruby2
mgfp mvenus
mruby2 enabled
transmission electron
microscopy transmission
combine single
localization microscopy
enabled combine
preserving fluorescence


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