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    Marital satisfaction and depression: a replication of the Marital Discord Model in a Latino sample.

    Fam Process 2007 Dec;46(4):485-98
    Child, Youth, and Family Studies, University of Nebraska-Lincoln, 130 Mabel Lee Hall, Lincoln, NE 68588-0236, USA.
    The Marital Discord Model of Depression maintains that marital discord is an important antecedent in the development of depression. Although empirical evidence supports this premise, none of this research has been done with Latinos. The purpose of this study was to test the longitudinal relationship between marital satisfaction and depression among 99 Brazilian women. Using structural equation modeling, results indicated that marital satisfaction was a strong predictor of depression 2 years later. Marital satisfaction was also related to cooccurring depression. These results provide evidence that the Marital Discord Model of Depression is an appropriate theoretical model for the conceptualization of marital discord and depression with Latina women and suggest the potential utility of using couples therapy for treating depression among this population.

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