Am J Cancer 1940 Feb;38(2):212-6

February 1940
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Hormonal influences on mammary tumors of the rat. I. Acceleration of growth of transplanted fibroadenoma in ovariectomized and hypophysectomized rats.

J Exp Med 1956 Oct;104(4):525-38

A transplanted mammary fibroadenoma was found to grow in 95 per cent of intact adult female rats and the increment of tumor weights was progressive and logarithmic. The growth of the tumor was retarded by ovariectomy and still more when this was combined with adrenalectomy. In ovariectomized rats the growth of the tumor was stimulated by phenolic estrogens, this increase being enhanced when progesterone was added. Read More

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October 1956

Reproducibility of method and hormonal influences in induction of breast cancer in rats by gastric instillation of methylcholanthrene [abstract].

Proc Am Assoc Cancer Res 1956 Apr;2(2):146

We have reported a high incidence and sex linkage of breast cancer in Wistar rats following gastric instillation of methylcholanthrene (J. Nat. Cancer Inst. Read More

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April 1956

Observations on rats treated with the sex hormones estrin and testosterone.

C S Mceuen

Am J Cancer 1939 Aug;36(4):551-66

The occurrence of 3 tar cancers of the skin, 1 uterine cancer, and 1 gastric cancer are reported in rats fed with an estrin product obtained from pregnancy urine. A tar cancer is recorded in 1 control rat. Whereas in rats injected with estrone for long periods, carcinoma of the genital tract and breast occurred accompanied by other usual estrin effects, it appears that with prolonged injection of testosterone, the females went into permanent vaginal diestrus, the pituitary weights were not above normal limits, somatic growth was not inhibited, and the predominant neoplastic lesions were fibrous tissue tumors in injected areas, some of which became sarcomatous. Read More

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August 1939