Diabetes Care 2001 Dec;24(12):2157-8

December 2001
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Failure of Glucose Monitoring in an Individual with Pseudohypoglycemia.

J Am Geriatr Soc 2015 Aug;63(8):1706-8

Division of Geriatric Medicine and Gerontology, School of Medicine, Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore, Maryland.

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August 2015

Pseudohypoglycemia: a cause for unreliable finger-stick glucose measurements.

Endocr Pract 2008 Apr;14(3):337-9

Department of Internal Medicine, University of Cincinnati, College of Medicine, Cincinnati, Ohio 45208, USA.

Objective: To identify patients with an inaccurate diagnosis of hypoglycemia and discuss predisposing factors.

Methods: We describe our patient's clinical presentation, laboratory work-up, hospital course, and follow-up and review similar cases from the literature.

Results: A 27-year-old woman with Raynaud phenomenon was admitted because of symptomatic hypoglycemia. Read More

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April 2008

Factitious and artifactual hypoglycemia.

D L Horwitz

Endocrinol Metab Clin North Am 1989 Mar;18(1):203-10

University of Illinois, Chicago.

Artifactual hypoglycemia results from either improper collection of blood samples or interfering substances in the blood. Such artifacts should be easily detected and avoided. Factitious hypoglycemia, on the other hand, results from deliberate subterfuge by the patient and may thus elude proper diagnosis for some time. Read More

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March 1989

[A case of factitious hypoglycemia with unusual presentation].

Minerva Med 1988 Dec;79(12):1101-3

Università degli Studi di Pisa, Cattedra di Malattie del Ricambio.

In this paper the Authors describe a case of factitious hypoglycemia in a 30-year-old nurse who came to the practitioner saying she was drug-addict. A careful history and the clinical examinations showed that the symptoms were due to hypoglycemic episodes. The finding of high plasma insulin levels together with low plasma C-peptide concentrations enabled us to exclude organic causes of hypoglycemia, suggesting the diagnosis of factitious hypoglycemia. Read More

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December 1988