Dr Jean Luc Mwizerwa, MD - University of Rwanda  - Dr

Dr Jean Luc Mwizerwa


University of Rwanda


Kigali, Kigali | Rwanda

Main Specialties: Pediatric Surgery, Plastic Surgery, Surgery, Surgical Critical Care

Additional Specialties: General surgery

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Dr Jean Luc Mwizerwa, MD - University of Rwanda  - Dr

Dr Jean Luc Mwizerwa



My name is Dr Mwizerwa Jean Luc, born in 1992. I am a Rwandan by Citizen, born and studied my primary school in poor rural village in the Southern Province of Rwanda.

Since my childhood, I was dreaming to reach high school in scientific school with help of my sister DUSABIMANA Triphine for her motivation. From her, I worked tirelessly to go into the medical school in University of Rwanda

From motivation of Dr Ntirenganya Faustin , I started to like Surgery and study every time topics related to surgery and writing abstract related to surgery; starting on abstract related to medical education especially in surgery.

I attended Incision Global Surgery Symposium KIGALI 2019, which opened my eyes beyond clinical matters and started thinking on the global health coverage and access on good surgical care.

Primary Affiliation: University of Rwanda - Kigali, Kigali , Rwanda


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Nov 2018
University of Rwanda
Bachelor degree in General Medicine and Surgery
Ceremony held at HUYE Internation Stadium by Chancellor of University of Rwanda
May 2016
Emmaus Correspondance Bible School
Under INKURUNZIZA Church by Pastor HITIYISE Pascal. Ceremony help at HUYE IPRC
Sep 2011
Ecole de Science de Nyamagabe
High School Certificate of Completion
Certificate in Mathematics, Chemistry an Biology


Nov 2018
Intern doctor
Chief of intern doctor
At Butaro Hospital and Cancer Center
Nov 2018
Medical Internship
Intern Doctor at Butaro Hospital and Cancer Center
Under Ministry of Health and Rwanda Medical Council




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