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Consommation de soins dentaires préventifs en région Centre-Val de Loire : une étude rétrospective.

Sante Publique 2020 Jun;Vol. 32(1):87-95

Context: The demography of dentist-surgeons in the Centre-Val de Loire region is far inferior to the national average and characterized by many territorial inequalities of health. The aim of this study is to provide details concerning the dental hygienic care-seeking consumption habits in this region based on one dental care treatment, dental scaling, which allows for the mechanical elimination of dental plaque in order to prevent periodontal diseases.

Method: This retrospective study is based on data from several databases of the National Health Insurance Cross-Schemes Information System (Sniiram) for the year 2016, analyzed by the Statistical Institute of Liberal Health Professionals.

Results: It can be observed that less scaling treatments have been sought out in this region in comparison with metropolitan France and certain territories which also face difficulties in terms of care treatment offers and scaling treatment inferior to the regional average. Although the care offer is unequally distributed, it seems to have little influence on the number of treatment acts consumed per patient and notably scaling treatments. Inversely, indicators of wealth or poverty do have an impact on treatment consumption HBJD001.

Conclusion: This study suggests that the consumption of scaling treatment is independent from the dental care offers, but linked to the social gradient of the population. It points to the deficit in the consumption of this treatment in comparison to metropolitan France. The potential role of the HBJD001 treatment as a marker of the trajectory of preventive health care as well as the necessity of the adjustment of the zones determined by the ARS are put forward.
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June 2020