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SIRT7 promotes chromosome synapsis during prophase I of female meiosis.

Chromosoma 2019 09 29;128(3):369-383. Epub 2019 Jun 29.

Department of Genetics, Rutgers University, 145 Bevier Rd., Piscataway, NJ, 08854, USA.

Sirtuins are NAD-dependent protein deacylases and ADP-ribosyltransferases that are involved in a wide range of cellular processes including genome homeostasis and metabolism. Sirtuins are expressed in human and mouse oocytes yet their role during female gamete development are not fully understood. Here, we investigated the role of a mammalian sirtuin member, SIRT7, in oocytes using a mouse knockout (KO) model. Sirt7 KO females have compromised fecundity characterized by a rapid fertility decline with age, suggesting the existence of a diminished oocyte pool. Accordingly, Sirt7 KO females produced fewer oocytes and ovulated fewer eggs. Because of the documented role of SIRT7 in DNA repair, we investigated whether SIRT7 regulates prophase I when meiotic recombination occurs. Sirt7 KO pachynema-like staged oocytes had approximately twofold increased γH2AX signals associated with regions with unsynapsed chromosomes. Consistent with the presence of asynaptic chromosome regions, Sirt7 KO oocytes had fewer MLH1 foci (~one less), a mark of crossover-mediated repair, than WT oocytes. Moreover, this reduced level of crossing over is consistent with an observed twofold increased incidence of aneuploidy in Metaphase II eggs. In addition, we found that acetylated lysine 18 of histone H3 (H3K18ac), an established SIRT7 substrate, was increased at asynaptic chromosome regions suggesting a functional relationship between this epigenetic mark and chromosome synapsis. Taken together, our findings demonstrate a pivotal role for SIRT7 in oocyte meiosis by promoting chromosome synapsis and have unveiled the importance of SIRT7 as novel regulator of the reproductive lifespan.
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