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Mixed neuroendocrine-non-neuroendocrine neoplasm of the gallbladder: case report and literature review.

Diagn Pathol 2022 Jun 17;17(1):51. Epub 2022 Jun 17.

Hospital Information Center of Heilongjiang Province Affiliated to Harbin Institute of Technology, Harbin, 150001, Heilongjiang Province, China.

Background: Mixed neuroendocrine-non-neuroendocrine neoplasms (MiNENs) of the gallbladder are rare malignancies. Here we presented two cases and reviewed the related literature.

Case Presentation: Our two patients were postoperatively diagnosed with gallbladder MiNENs, which pathologically consisted of a large cell neuroendocrine carcinoma and papillary adenocarcinoma. After cholecystectomy, one patient had a survival time of 30 months, while the other remained alive through 12 months of follow-up. In the literature, a total of 72 cases of gallbladder MiNENs were identified, and with our two patients included, we calculated a male-to-female ratio of 0.22 and a mean age of 64.5 years for the 74 reported cases. About one-half of these patients were found to have gallstones and presented with abdominal pain or discomfort in a relatively early stage. The preoperative diagnosis of these 74 cases mainly relied on abdominal ultrasound, contrast-enhanced computed tomography (CT) scanning, and magnetic resonance imaging or positron emission tomography/CT. However, the final diagnosis was established based upon the pathological evidence and expression of synaptophysin (Syn) and/or chromogranin A identified by immunohistochemical staining or neurosecretory granules detected by electron microscopy. Fifty-eight patients (78.4%) underwent various operations including simple cholecystectomy (n = 14), en bloc cholecystectomy (n = 9), standard or non-standard radical cholecystectomy (n = 25), or extended radical cholecystectomy (n = 6). The mean size of the resected gallbladder masses was 50.8 ± 36.1 mm (n = 63) with regional lymph node metastasis in 37 patients (52.1%), liver invasion or staging greater than T3 in 33 patients (45.8%), and hepatic metastasis in 26 patients (35.1%). The postoperative median survival time was 36 ± 11.42 months (95% confidence interval, 13.62 to 58.38 months). The log-rank analysis did not find that postoperative adjuvant chemotherapy contributed to a longer survival time relative to that among the patients who did not receive chemotherapy (numbers of patients, 15 versus 43; survival times, 36 months versus 30 months, p > 0.05).

Conclusions: Our two cases and the cases in the literature suggest that MiNENs of the gallbladder predominantly occur in women; are associated with early lymph node metastasis, local hepatic invasion, and hepatic metastasis; and can be managed by various surgeries as well as chemotherapy combined with somatostatin analogs.
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