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Three-dimensional migration and resistivity characteristics of crude oil in heterogeneous soil layers.

Environ Pollut 2021 Jan 4;268(Pt A):115309. Epub 2020 Aug 4.

School of Petrochemical Engineering & Environment, Zhejiang Ocean University, Zhoushan, China. Electronic address:

An experimentally induced three-dimensional petroleum seepage flume was used to investigate its migration in heterogeneous soil layers and a method for monitoring resistivity was adopted, under conditions of fluctuating water levels and rainfall. The corresponding mechanisms were then analyzed based on the resistivity characteristics and combined with three-dimensional inversion images. Finally, physical and chemical property analysis was conducted to verify the results of resistivity monitoring. The results demonstrated that: (1) In the process of natural oil leakage, the variation of soil resistivity presents a concave shape in the resistivity profile. Thus, oil migration exhibited the following patterns. At first, circular migration front was dominant in a vertical direction. Subsequently, after vertical migration was impeded, lateral migration was dominant. As the crude oil gradually accumulated, the migration front broke through the limitation of lithologic interface and continued vertically. (2) By comparing the two resistivity monitoring methods, namely the Wenner and Pole-pole methods, it was demonstrated that the inversion resistivity measured by Wenner method was closer to the true resistivity, and the resistivity variations were more distinguishable. (3) The resistivity inversion profile demonstrated that the low resistivity anomaly of the crude oil leakage area was related to the low water content of the soil layer in the test area. (4) Fluctuations in water level increased the diffusion range of crude oil beyond the original pollution source area, especially horizontally. (5) Percolation of rainfall caused the water level to rise, and the crude oil was evenly distributed in the soil layers above the capillary zone. (6) Through sample analysis and verification, it was demonstrated that the resistivity method can accurately and intuitively present the characteristics of crude oil migration. These results provide theoretical support for the rapid determination of the migration range and characteristics of crude oil in heterogeneous soil layers.
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