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Polysomnographic sleep patterns in depressive, schizophrenic and healthy subjects.

Psychiatr Danub 2014 Mar;26(1):20-6

Center of Clinical Neurophysiology & Sleep Research, University Psychiatric Clinic, Pasterova 2, 11000 Belgrade, Serbia,

Background: Sleep disorders are frequent symptoms described in psychiatric patients with major depression and schizophrenia. These patients also exhibit changes in sleep architecture measured by polysomnography (PSG) during sleep. The aim of the present study was to identify potential biomarkers to facilitate diagnosis based on PSG measurements.

Subjects And Methods: Thirty (30) patients with schizophrenia, 30 patients with major depression and 30 healthy control subjects were investigated in the present study. All subjects underwent PSG measurements for a minimum time of 8 hours according to the criteria of Rechtscahffen & Kales (1968). We tested the potential of multiple sleep variables to predict diagnosis in different groups by using linear discriminant analysis (LDA).

Results: There were significant differences in PSG variables between healthy control subjects and psychiatric patients (total sleep time, sleep latency, number of awakenings, time of awakening after sleep onset, REM 1 latency, REM 1 and index of endogenous periodicity). Importantly, LDA was able to predict the correct diagnosis in 88% of all cases.

Conclusions: The presented analysis showed commonalities and differences in PSG changes in patients with major depressive disorder and in patients with schizophrenia. Our results underline the potential of PSG measurements to facilitate diagnostic processes.
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March 2014

Dementia paralytica (neurosyphilis): a clinical case study.

World J Biol Psychiatry 2003 Jul;4(3):135-8

Institute of Psychiatry, University Clinical Centre, 11000 Belgrade, Pasterova 2, Yugoslavia.

This study reminds clinicians that syphilis presents in many guises. Wars, migration and sexual promiscuity prepare the ground for its return as an important cause of neurological and psychiatric syndromes. Our patient's diagnosis was not suspected at earlier admission. Stage III spirochaetosis was improved by high dose penicillin.
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