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Heavy metal impression in surface sediments and factors governing the fate of macrobenthic communties in tropical estuarine ecosystem, India.

Environ Sci Pollut Res Int 2022 May 26;29(25):38567-38590. Epub 2022 Jan 26.

Biogeochemistry Group, National Centre for Earth Science Studies, Akkulam, Thiruvananthapuram, India.

The present study aims to investigate the contamination of heavy metals in the sediments of a tropical ecosystem, India, and to evaluate the factors responsible for the dominance of specific macrobenthic communities, particularly in estuarine sediments. For the analysis of Cu, Cr, Ni, Zn, Pb and Cd in sediments, acid digestion and subsequent quantification by microwave plasma atomic emission spectroscopy was performed, whereas for Hg determination, cold vapour atomic absorption spectrophotometry was used. The general trend of the heavy metal concentration was observed as Cr > Cu > Zn > Ni > Pb > Cd > Hg, regardless of any seasonal alteration. The estuarine region was considerably contaminated by Cu and Cr (C.F. > 2) irrespective of any seasonal difference, and by Cd in 2017 non-monsoon (CF > 3). Heavy metal contamination was most pronounced during the monsoon (2018). Estuarine and marine zone together considered as deteriorated zone especially during monsoon seasons (PLI > 1, 2018 monsoon) while riverine zone remained poorly contaminated (PLI < 1). Clay Loam/Clay/Heavy Clay textures preferred polychaetes and bivalves in the estuarine and marine zone as compared to other macrobenthic communities (OMC). Among the hydrochemical parameters, total dissolved solids in general and euryhaline and slightly alkaline pH preferred domination of bivalves followed by polychaetes in non-monsoon seasons. The trace metal contamination in estuarine sediments increases the concern of bioaccumulation tendency of dominant bivalves of the estuarine and coastal sediments.
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