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Acute lower gastroenteric bleeding retrospective analysis (the ALGEBRA study): an analysis of the triage, management and outcomes of patients with acute lower gastrointestinal bleeding.

Am Surg 2003 Feb;69(2):145-9

Department of Surgery, Division of Colorectal Surgery, Washington Hospital Center, Medlantic Research Institute, Washington, DC 20010, USA.

Many algorithms have been developed for patients with acute lower gastrointestinal hemorrhage (ALGIH). Their clinical usefulness is not readily apparent. It is important first to observe patterns in admission, triage, and management to formulate hypotheses as to how outcomes might be affected. We reviewed patient charts with the diagnosis of gastrointestinal hemorrhage from June 1998 to January 2001. Patients with ALGIH were entered into a database. We defined patients as having ALGIH if presentation included melena or hematochezia. Patients with hematemesis, bloody nasogastric aspirate, or occult fecal blood were excluded. Observations were made on 420 patients. Seventy-six per cent of patients were admitted to the medical service. Lower endoscopy was the first diagnostic method in 33 per cent. Medical management comprised 52 per cent of first management strategies. Surgeons used angiography (3% vs 1%) or surgery (25% vs 5%) more than other services. Fourteen per cent of patients managed with endoscopy, 16 per cent medically, 17 per cent with surgery, and 67 per cent with interventional radiology required two or more subsequent packed red blood cell transfusions. Mean admission Acute Physiology and Chronic Health Evaluation II score was 9.2 whereas that for those with mortality was 13.5. We conclude that the construction of a database will allow for formation and testing of hypotheses in managing ALGIH.
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February 2003