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[Cloning and inactivation of a chromosomal copy of the imidazole glycerophosphate dehydratase (HIS) gene from Hansenula polymorpha].

Mol Gen Mikrobiol Virusol 1991 Jul(7):25-8

A gene for imidazole glycerophosphate dehydratase (HIS) has been selected from the library of Hansenula polymorpha genes by complementation of Escherichia coli hisB mutations or his3 mutation of Saccharomyces cerevisiae. Inactivation of the gene in Hansenula polymorpha strain 48V, as well as Leu(-)-Leu+ conversion of phenotype and arising of antibiotic G418 resistance resulted from transformation of the strain by the linear DNA molecules of the cloned HIS-gene with the in vitro inserted LEU2 gene from Saccharomices cerevisiae and KmR gene. The Southern hybridization analysis of the Leuf+His- G418R clones representing 1-2% of transformants population together with the DNA analysis of the monospore clones from the hybrid Leu+His-G418R transformant tetrad and tester strain have revealed the locus specific nature of the clones.
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July 1991