Dr.T.Selvankumar, Professor & Head, PG & Research Department of Biotechnology, Mahendra Arts & Science College.

I have 19 years of teaching, research experience and specialized in Microbial Technology, Immunology, Nanoparticle and nano carbon synthesis, Drug development Greenhouse gas emissions, Carbon sequestration, and Drug delivery, Stress Biology and Bioenergetics. My current research work is concentrated on the Identification of peptide drugs, Nano particle based drug delivery and metagenomics. For my credit, I have published 50 research articles in National and International Journals and submitted 32 microbial nucleotide sequence data bank submitted in NCBI. Now acting as Co-ordinator of the Fund for Improvement of S&T Infrastructure in Higher Educational Institutions (DST-FIST) supported by Department of Science & Technology with 30 lakhs (2014-2017) and received financial assistance for minor project by UGC. This fund is to upgrade the sophisticated instrumentation facility of PG Science Departments of the college. I have submitted Project proposals in the field of Nanotechnology based on dye stuff removal from dye polluted water, Isolation novel peptides from marine forms, development bacterial pigment based on Photovoltaic Solar cells to DBT, DST and BRNS.

Primary Affiliation: Mahendra Arts and Science College - Tamilnadu , India

Research Interests: Nanotechnology, Bio-Energy, Microbial Technology


Optimization of protease production from surface-modified coffee pulp waste and corncobs using Bacillus sp. by SSF.
3 Biotech 2016 Dec 12;6(2):167. Epub 2016 Aug 12.
PG and Research Department of Biotechnology, Mahendra Arts and Science College (Autonomous), Kalippatti, Namakkal, Tamil Nadu, 637501, India.

Biosynthesis and characterization of silver nanoparticles using panchakavya, an Indian traditional farming formulating agent.
Int J Nanomedicine 2014 31;9:1593-9. Epub 2014 Mar 31.
Division of Biotechnology, Advanced Institute of Environment and Bioscience, College of Environmental and Bioresource Sciences, Chonbuk National University, Iksan, South Korea.