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Physicochemical and sensory profile of Beauregard sweet potato beer.

Food Chem 2020 May 24;312:126087. Epub 2019 Dec 24.

Institute of Technology and Research (ITP), Av. Murilo Dantas, 300, Aracaju, Sergipe CEP 49032-490, Brazil; Tiradentes University (UNIT), Av. Murilo Dantas, 300, Aracaju, Sergipe CEP 49032-490, Brazil.

Beer has been one of the most consumed alcoholic beverages worldwide. However, the incorporation of adjuncts in the beer can add new organoleptic and functional characteristics to the beverage. For this, Beauregard sweet potato shows high potential due to being a rich source of starch and many bioactive compounds. The aim of this study was to develop the best process condition to produce a Sweet potato beer with enhanced nutritional and antioxidant properties and good sensory characteristics. Beer samples showed increased antioxidant activity especially due to β-carotene and their total phenolic content. The phytochemical profile of sweet potato biocompounds demonstrated a direct effect of this adjunct on sensory and functional characteristics of the finished beer. In conclusion, it was found that Beauregard sweet potato is a promising adjunct for beer brewing with nutraceutical properties due to its rich composition of bioactive compounds.
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