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Current status and outcomes of patients developing PSA recurrence after prostatectomy who were treated with salvage radiotherapy: a JROSG surveillance study.
J Radiat Res 2015 Jul 24;56(4):750-6. Epub 2015 Apr 24.
Department of Radiation Oncology and Particle Therapy, National Cancer Center Hospital East, 6-5-1 Kashiwanoha, Kashiwa City, Chiba, 277-8577, Japan.

Long-term oncological outcome in men with T3 prostate cancer: radical prostatectomy versus external-beam radiation therapy at a single institution.
Int J Clin Oncol 2014 Dec 19;19(6):1085-91. Epub 2013 Dec 19.
Department of Urology, Japanese Foundation for Cancer Research, Cancer Institute Hospital, 3-8-31 Ariake, Koto, Tokyo, 135-8550, Japan,

Successful use of endoscopic argon plasma coagulation for hemorrhagic radiation cystitis: a case report.
Jpn J Clin Oncol 2014 Jul 16;44(7):692-5. Epub 2014 May 16.
Department of Gastroenterology, Cancer Institute Hospital, Japanese Foundation for Cancer Research, Tokyo.

Longitudinal change in health-related quality of life after intensity-modulated radiation monotherapy for clinically localized prostate cancer.
Qual Life Res 2014 Jun 13;23(5):1641-50. Epub 2013 Dec 13.
Department of Urology, Cancer Institute Hospital, Japanese Foundation for Cancer Research, 3-8-31, Ariake, Tokyo, Koto-ku, 135-8550, Japan,

Dosimetric consideration of individual 125I source strength measurement and a large-scale comparison of that measured with a nominal value in permanent prostate implant brachytherapy.
Radiat Med 2006 Dec 25;24(10):675-9. Epub 2006 Dec 25.
Department of Physics, The Cancer Institute, Japanese Foundation for Cancer Research, 3-10-6 Ariake, Koto-ku, Tokyo 135-8550, Japan.