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Intra-scanner repeatability of quantitative imaging features in a 3D printed semi-anthropomorphic CT phantom.

Eur J Radiol 2021 Aug 9;141:109818. Epub 2021 Jun 9.

Department of Radiology, Charité - Universitätsmedizin Berlin, Germany; Berlin Institute of Health, Berlin, Germany.

Objectives: Radiomics has shown to provide novel diagnostic and predictive disease information based on quantitative image features in study settings. However, limited data yielded contradictory results and important questions regarding the validity of the methods remain to be answered. The purpose of this study was to evaluate how clinical imaging techniques affect the stability of radiomics features by using 3D printed anthropomorphic CT phantom to test for repeatability and reproducibility of quantitative parameters.

Methods: 48 PET/CT validated lymph nodes of prostate cancer patients (24 metastatic, 24 non-metastatic) were used as a template to create a customized 3D printed anthropomorphic phantom. We subsequently scanned the phantom five times with a routine abdominal CT protocol. Images were reconstructed using iterative reconstruction and two soft tissue kernels and one bone kernel. Radiomics features were extracted and assessed for repeatability and susceptibility towards image reconstruction settings using concordance correlation coefficients.

Results: Our analysis revealed 19 of 86 features (22 %) as highly repeatable (CCC ≥ 0.85) with low susceptibility towards image reconstruction protocols. Most features analyzed depicted critical non-repeatability with CCC's < 0.75 even under entirely consistent imaging acquisition settings. Edge enhancing kernels result in higher variances between the scans and differences in repeatability and reproducibility were detected between PSMA-positive and negative lymph nodes with overall more stable features seen in tumor positive lymph nodes.

Conclusions: Both, repeatability and reproducibility play a crucial role in the validation process of radiomics features in clinical routine. This phantom study shows that most radiomics features in contrast to previous studies, including phantom and clinical, do not depict sufficient intra-scanner repeatability to serve as reliable diagnostic tools.
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