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The association between de novo inflammatory bowel disease and celiac disease.

Rev Esp Enferm Dig 2020 Jan;112(1):7-11

Aparato Digestivo, Hospital Universitario Infanta Sofía.

Introduction: controversial data have been reported on the potential association between celiac disease (CeD) and inflammatory bowel disease (IBD).

Objective: to study the prevalence of CeD in patients newly diagnosed cases with IBD.

Methods: an observational, retrospective study was performed in patients with newly diagnosed IBD who were screened for CeD by anti-tissue transglutaminase antibodies (anti-tTG) measurements and an endoscopic duodenal biopsy. No patients had received corticosteroids, immunosuppressants or biologic drugs within the three months prior to gastroscopy. In the presence of Marsh 1, other causes were ruled out. CeD was diagnosed in patients positive for anti-tTG, compatible duodenal biopsy findings and a good response to a gluten-free diet.

Results: a total of 163 patients were screened for CeD. Of these, six (3.7%) were positive for anti-tTG and four were diagnosed with CeD (three had ulcerative colitis, one had Crohn's disease). All patients with both CeD and IBD had normal IgA levels, positive anti-tTG and CeD genetic markers.

Conclusions: the prevalence of CeD in our patients with IBD was higher than that reported in the literature for other series of patients with IBD. A combination of anti-tTG testing and CeD genetics may screen patients for CeD in this population of patients with IBD.
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January 2020

Penile metastasis of rectal carcinoma. Case report and bibliographic review.

Arch Esp Urol 2011 Dec;64(10):981-4

Urology Department, Hospital Infanta Sofia, Madrid, Spain.

Objective: Contribution of a case of penile metastasis in a patient with metastatic rectal carcinoma.

Methods: A 70-Year-old patient was referred to our consultation after the discovery of "penis indurations" having been diagnosed of rectal carcinoma 18 months before. After physical examination penile biopsies were carried out.

Results: The pathological results of the Glans biopsy was "rectal adenocarcinoma metastasis".

Conclusions: Metastases in the penis are rare, and usually occur in the context of advanced oncological disease.
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December 2011