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Association between R353Q polymorphism for coagulative factor VII and severity of coronary artery disease in Iranian population.

Cardiol J 2013 ;20(5):533-8

Pathology, Tehran Heart Center, Tehran University of Medical Sciences, Tehran, Iran.

Background: Recent research has supported the central role of coagulative factors in advancing atherosclerosis and causing coronary artery disease (CAD). The present study, for the first time, aimed to clarify the relationship between R353Q polymorphism for factor VII and the occurrence and severity of CAD in a large sample of Iranian population.

Methods: Nine hundred and nineteen consecutive patients with suspected CAD, who candidated for coronary angiography in the Tehran Heart Center between January 2006 and March 2007, were examined. The number of diseased coronary vessels was determined, and the severity of CAD was assessed by the Gensini score. Genotyping was done via the PCR-RFLP method.

Results: The frequency of Q and R alleles was 74.1% and 25.9% in the patients with CADand 75.2% and 24.8% in those without CAD, with an insignificant difference (p = 0.625). The frequency of Q allele in the patients with single-vessel, two-vessel, and three-vessel diseases was 72.8%, 71.5%, and 76.4%, respectively; the difference was also insignificant (p = 0.379). No relationship was observed between the distribution of the genotypes and the number of the involved coronary vessels. The average of the Gensini score was 43.39 ± 46.18 in the patients with QQ genotype, 38.87 ± 42.89 in those with QR genotype, and 55.61 ± 53.80 in the ones with RR genotype, with the difference not constituting any statistical significance (p = 0.084).

Conclusions: The results suggest no association between R353Q polymorphism for factor VII and the presence or progression of CAD in the Iranian population.
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