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Hyperbaric oxygen treatment for intrauterine limb ischaemia: a newborn in the chamber.

Diving Hyperb Med 2021 Jun;51(2):220-223

Istanbul Faculty of Medicine, Underwater and Hyperbaric Medicine Department, Istanbul, Turkey.

Intrauterine limb ischaemia is a rare condition that may have devastating results. Various treatments are reported in the literature; however, results are not always promising and amputations may be required for some patients. Post-natal hyperbaric oxygen treatment (HBOT) may be a useful treatment option for the salvage of affected limbs. A patient who was born with total brachial artery occlusion and severe limb ischaemia was referred for HBOT. The patient underwent the first HBOT session at her 48th hour of life. A total of 47 HBOT sessions were completed (243.1 kPa [2.4 atmospheres absolute], duration 115 minutes being: 15 minutes of compression; three 25-minute oxygen periods separated by five-minute air breaks; and 15 minutes of decompression), four in the first 24 hours. Full recovery was achieved with this intense HBOT schedule combined with anticoagulation, fasciotomy and supportive care. The new-born tolerated HBOT well and no complications or side effects occurred. To the best of our knowledge, our patient is one of the youngest patients reported to undergo HBOT.
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