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The Collaborative Laborist and Midwifery Model: An Accepted and Sustainable Model.

S D Med 2018 Dec;71(12):534-537

Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology, University of South Dakota Sanford School of Medicine, Sioux Falls, South Dakota.

In 2010, the OB/GYN physicians at this mid-sized midwestern medical center implemented a laborist model on the obstetrics ward. A laborist is a dedicated obstetrician within the obstetric ward who oversees the management of labor and performs deliveries as both the primary physician and also when consulted by other providers, including community obstetricians, family physicians and nurse midwives. In 2014, a collaborative obstetric model was implemented with the addition of an in-house certified nurse midwife (CNM) to assist the laborist in obstetric care. This retrospective study analyzes the impact of these care models on clinical outcomes, including rates of induction of labor, total (primary and repeat) cesarean sections, and vaginal births after cesarean section. The three time periods (i.e., pre-laborist, laborist, laborist plus CNM) periods are compared. Induction rates decreased from 48.6 percent to 46.5 percent to 28.8 percent during the three time periods. Primary cesarean section rates decreased from 15.9 percent to 14.6 percent to 13.6 percent. Total cesarean section rates slightly decreased but this was not statistically significant, going from 28.9 percent to 28.4 percent, to 27.7 percent. Vaginal births after cesarean section increased from 9.2 percent to 12.9 percent to 15 percent. Staff satisfaction was also measured utilizing anonymous surveys during the first two time periods. There was improvement in seven of the eight questions from the pre-laborist to the laborist model. In conclusion, a collaborative care model on the obstetric floor at this Institution has had a positive impact on patient care outcomes and staff satisfaction.
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December 2018