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Nanodiamonds as a new horizon for pharmaceutical and biomedical applications.

Curr Drug Deliv 2015 ;12(3):271-81

University of Mumbai, Bharati Vidyapeeth's College of Pharmacy, Department of Pharmaceutics, CBD Belapur, Sector-8, Navi-Mumbai-400614, India.

A palpable need for the optimization of therapeutic agents, due to challenges tackled by them such as poor pharmacokinetics and chemoresistance, has steered the journey towards novel interdisciplinary scientific field for emergence of nanostructure materials as a carrier for targeted delivery of therapeutic agents. Amongst various nanostructures, nanodiamonds are rapidly rising as promising nanostructures that are suited especially for various biomedical and imaging applications. Advantage of being biocompatible and ease of surface functionalization for targeting purpose, besides safety which are vacant by nanodiamonds made them a striking nanotool compared to other nonmaterials which seldom offer advantages of both functionality as well as safety. This review outlines the summary of nanodiamonds, regarding their types, methods of preparation, and surface modification. It also portrays the potential applications of nanodiamond as targeted drug delivery of various bioactive agents. Based on photoluminescent and optical property, nanodiamonds are envisioned as an efficient bioimaging nanostructure. Nanodiamonds as a novel platform hold great promise for targeting cancer cells and in-vivo cell imaging. Based upon their inimitable properties and applications nanodiamonds propose an exciting future in field of therapeutics and thus possess vibrant opportunities.
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February 2016

Cyclodextrin-based nanosponges: a propitious platform for enhancing drug delivery.

Expert Opin Drug Deliv 2014 Jan 4;11(1):111-20. Epub 2013 Dec 4.

University of Mumbai, Bharati Vidyapeeth's College of Pharmacy, Department of Pharmaceutics , Sector 8, C B D Belapur, Navi Mumbai 400 614 , India +91 022 27571122 ; +91 022 27574525 ;

Introduction: Recently, Nanotechnology is receiving considerable acknowledgment due to its potential to combine features that are difficult to achieve by making use of a drug alone. Cyclodextrin-based nanosponges are yet another contemporary approach for highlighting the advancements which could be brought about in a drug delivery system. Statistical analyses have shown that around 40% of currently marketed drugs and about 90% of drugs in their developmental phase encounter solubility-related problems. Cyclodextrin-based nanosponges have the capacity to emerge as a productive approach over conventional cyclodextrins by overcoming the disadvantages associated with the latter.

Areas Covered: This review is intended to give an insight regarding cyclodextrin-based nanosponges such as their physical and chemical properties. In addition, methods of preparation and characterization are discussed along with biocompatibility, and how these nanomeric elements can be exploited in developing effective drug formulations.

Expert Opinion: This emerging technology of cyclodextrin-based nanosponges is expected to provide technical solutions to the formulation arena and to come up with some successful products in the pharmaceutical market. It also has an exciting future in the field of therapeutics wherein it can cater site-directed drug delivery and hence it possesses vibrant opportunities.
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January 2014