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extract causes precocious acrosome reaction and viability loss but low rate of membrane damage in mouse spermatozoa.

J Anim Sci Technol 2021 Jan 31;63(1):58-68. Epub 2021 Jan 31.

Central Department of Biotechnology, Tribhuvan University, Kirtipur, Kathmandu 44618, Nepal.

Several herbs including are known to possess conceptive property. In the present study, mouse spermatozoa were incubated with ethanol extract of leaves. The effect of extract on acrosome exocytosis was studied by labeling spermatozoa with fluorescein isothiocyanate (FITC) peanut agglutinin and by staining with Coomassie blue. Viability and membrane integrity were studied by Trypan-blue staining and hypo-osmotic swelling test. extract at very low concentration caused precocious acrosome reaction and loss of sperm viability. Acrosome reaction increased remarkably from 22.63% to 88.42% with increasing extract concentration from 0 to 2,000 µg/mL. However, the viability loss of spermatozoa was increased from 11.71% in control to 63.73% in samples treated, evaluated by Trypan-blue staining method. Membrane damage caused by the extract, evaluated by hypo-osmotic swelling test was even low, ranging from 2.27% to only 24.23%. These results indicate that Artemisia extract might block fertilization by causing precocious acrosome exocytosis in spermatozoa. A direct contraceptive effect was tested by injecting the plant extract into the vagina of female mice and then allowing them to mate with normal males. The treated female mice delivered significantly fewer litters in comparison to the control.
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