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Validation of a rapid, comprehensive and clinically relevant amino acid profile by underivatised liquid chromatography tandem mass spectrometry.

Clin Chem Lab Med 2020 04;58(5):758-768

SpOtOn Clinical Diagnostics Ltd, Guy's Hospital, London, UK.

Background Quantification of plasma amino acids is key to the diagnosis of inherited defects of amino acid synthesis, catabolism and transport, many of which present as clinical emergencies. The utility of this test is limited by the long analysis time and subsequent inability of laboratories to provide results in real-time. Traditionally, analysis has been performed by ion exchange chromatography (IEC) but recently there has been a move towards liquid chromatography tandem mass spectrometry (LC-MS/MS) which provides the potential for faster analysis. However, the necessity to derivatise the sample and/or utilise an ion-pair reagent, combined with lack of commercially available stable isotope internal standards (IS) has prevented laboratories fully exploiting the benefits of this methodology. We describe an underivatised LC-MS/MS method enabling patient results to be reported with an improved turnaround time (<1 h). Methods Methanolic IS was added to plasma (10 μL) to precipitate protein. Following centrifugation amino acids were analysed by LC-MS/MS using selected reaction monitoring (SRM) for each analyte and corresponding IS. Results Patient samples (n = 57) and external quality assessment (EQA) material (n = 11) were analysed and results compared with IEC. Comparable accuracy and precision were obtained with 15-min analysis time. Conclusions This method enables the analysis of a clinically comprehensive amino acid profile without the need for derivatisation/ion-pair reagents and benefitting from improved analytical quantitation through multipoint calibration and use of stable isotope IS. The analysis time is fast in comparison to IEC, improves efficiency of laboratory workflow and enables stat analysis of clinically urgent samples.
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