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A Stability-Indicating HPLC Method for the Determination of Memantine Hydrochloride in Dosage Forms through Derivatization with 1-Fluoro-2,4-dinitrobenzene.

Sci Pharm 2014 Apr-Jun;82(2):265-79. Epub 2013 Dec 9.

Department of Medicinal Chemistry, Faculty of Pharmacy, Tehran University of Medical Sciences, Tehran, Iran.

Memantine is chemically a tricyclic amine and is used for Parkinson's disease and movement disorders. Although several HPLC methods with different derivatization reagents have been developed for the determination of memantine in biological fluids, there are some complications which limit the use of these methods in routine analysis of memantine in in vitro tests. We established a simple, sensitive, precise, and accurate HPLC method for the quantification of memantine in dosage forms. Pre-column derivatization of memantine was performed with 1-fluoro-2,4-dinitrobenzene and the reaction product was separated on a Nova-Pak C18 column. A mixture of acetonitrile and sodium dihydrogenphosphate (pH 2.5; 0.05 M) (70: 30, v/v) was used as the mobile phase. UV detection was performed at 360 nm. Forced degradation studies were performed on a powdered tablet sample of memantine hydro-chloride using acidic (0.1 M hydrochloric acid), basic (0.1 M sodium hydroxide), oxidative (10% hydrogen peroxide), thermal (105°C), photolytic, and humidity conditions. Good linearity (r(2)=0.999) was obtained over the range of 1-12 μg mL(-1) of memantine hydrochloride with acceptable within-day and between-day precision values in the range of 0.05-0.95%. The proposed method was used for the assay determination and dissolution rate study of memantine dosage forms with excellent specificity.
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