Name: Poul Erik Hansen, Born October 30, 1945
Jan. 1970 Thesis, University of Århus: "Preparation of crowded PAH and in¬vestiga¬- tion thereof by means of NMR, IR, UV and MS spectroscopy."
Febr. 1970: Visit at Laboratoire Chimie Organique, Université Libre, Bruxelles, Belgium, Prof. R.H.Martin
1971-1973: Research Fellow, Danish Natural Science Research Council
1973-1974: Royal Society Exchange Fellow. Visit at Division of Molecular Phar¬ macology, NIMR, Mill Hill, England, Dr. J.Feeney.
Aug. 1974: Ph. D. Thesis:"13C, 19F and 1H NMR studies of some polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons. Synthesis of 13C enriched compounds."
1974-1977: Senior Research Fellow
1976-1977: Visit at Department of Biochemistry, University of Alberta, Edmonton, Canada, Prof. B.D.Sykes.
Sept. 1977: Award from the Ole Rømer Foundation in recognition of contribution to the development of 13C NMR spectroscopy.
Febr. 1978: Assistant prof. of Chemistry, Department of Life Sciences and Chemi¬ stry, University of Roskilde
Aug. 1979: Associate professor of chemistry
June-Sept. 1984: Visiting professor, Department of Biochemistry , University of Alberta, Edmonton, Canada
Aug.88-June 1989: Visiting professor Department of Biochemistry, University of New and Jan.90 and 91 South Wales, Sydney, Australia
Jan. 1988-95: Chairman, Danish Society for Molecular Spectroscopy
Jan. 1992: Visiting professor, Department of Biochemistry, Sydney University, Sydney, Australia
Nov. 1995-98 President of the Danish Chemical Society
Jan. 1996 Full professor in Bio-organic Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy, Department of Life Sciences and Che¬mi¬stry, Roskilde Universi¬ty
Jan. 1997 Dr. Science , Roskilde University
Dec. 1997 Member of the Danish Academy for Natural Science
Sept. 1997 Member of International Advisory Board for Horizons H-bond meetings.
Sept. 2001 Member of the advisory board of Magnetic Resonance in Chemistry
Sept. 2001 Vice president International Advisory Board for H-bond meetings
Dec. 2002 Advisor For Centre of excellence ”Centre for Photoactive Materials”.
Sept. 2003-6 President International Board for Horizons H-bond Research
2004 Honorary guest professor Technical University of Shandong, Zibo, China
2005 Guest editor Current Organic Chemistry
2007 Honorary guest professor Three Gorges University, China
2007 Advisory Board member Open Spectroscopy Journal ,Open MR Journal
2008 Knight of Dannebrog
2008 Danish coordinator COST program SIBAE
2010 Danish member of NORDSIR committee
2012 Guest Editor Molecules
2014 Honorary member of the Polish Chemical Society
2015 Guest professor University of Copenhagen
2017 Knight of Dannebrog 1st order

Primary Affiliation: Roskilde University - Roskilde , Denmark

Specialties: NMR


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