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A missense mutation (c.226C>A) in HMG box SRY gene affects nNLS function in 46,XY sex reversal female.

Andrologia 2021 Feb 11:e14011. Epub 2021 Feb 11.

Centre for Genetics & Genomics, Department of Anatomy, Mahatma Gandhi Institute of Medical Sciences, Sevagram, Wardha, India.

The SRY initiates cascade of gene expression that transforms the undifferentiated gonad, genital ridge into testis. Mutations of the SRY gene is associated with complete gonadal dysgenesis in females with 46,XY karyotype. Primary amenorrhea is one of the clinical findings to express the genetic cause in 46,XY sex reversal. Here, we report a 26-year-old married woman presenting with primary amenorhea and complete gonadal dysgenesis. The clinical phenotypes were hypoplastic uterus with streak gonad and underdeveloped secondary sexual characters. The cytogenetic analysis confirmed 46,XY sex reversal karyotype of a female. Using molecular approach, we screened open reading frame of the SRY gene by PCR and targeted DNA Sanger sequencing. The patient was confirmed with nucleotide substitution (c.226C>A; p.Arg76Ser) at in HMG box domain of SRY gene that causes 46,XY sex reversal female. Mutation prediction algorithms suggest that alteration might be disease causing mutation and mutated (p.Arg76Ser) amino acid deleteriously affects HMG box nNLS region of SRY protein. Clinical phenotypes and in silico analysis confirmed that missense substitution (p.Arg76Ser) impaired nNLS binding Calmodulin-mediated nuclear transport of SRY from cytoplasm to nucleus. The mutation affects down regulation of male sex differentiation pathway and is responsible for 46,XY sex reversal female with gonadal dysgenesis.
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February 2021