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Synthesis and conformational analysis of an alpha-D-mannopyranosyl-(1-->2)-alpha-D-mannopyranosyl-(1-->6)-alpha-D-mannopyranose mimic.

Carbohydr Res 2007 Sep 24;342(12-13):1859-68. Epub 2007 Mar 24.

Centro de Investigaciones Biológicas, Departamento de Estructura y Functión de Proteínas, CSIC, c/Ramiro de Maeztu 9, 28040 Madrid, Spain.

A mimic of a (1-->2),(1-->6)-mannotrioside was synthesized by replacing the central mannose unit with an enantiomerically pure, conformationally stable trans-diaxial cyclohexanediol. The three-dimensional structure of the molecule was investigated by NMR spectroscopy supported by molecular modelling and was compared to the known features of the natural mannotrioside.
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September 2007