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Botulinum Toxin Type A as Preoperative Treatment for Immediately Loaded Dental Implants Placed in Fresh Extraction Sockets for Full-Arch Restoration of Patients With Bruxism.

J Craniofac Surg 2016 May;27(3):668-70

*Department of Oral Rehabilitation, The Maurice and Gabriela Goldschleger School of Dental Medicine, Tel-Aviv University, Tel-Aviv, Israel†Department of Health Sciences 'A. Avogadro,' University of Eastern Piedmont, Novara, Italy‡Private Practice, Kfar Haim§Private Practice, Herzliya, Israel||Department of Oral Implantology, Istanbul University Faculty of Dentistry, Capa Istanbul, Turkey¶Division of Periodontology, Faculty of Medicine and Dentistry, University of Alberta, Alberta, Canada.

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May 2016