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Analysis of Workflow and Time to Treatment on Thrombectomy Outcome in the Endovascular Treatment for Small Core and Proximal Occlusion Ischemic Stroke (ESCAPE) Randomized, Controlled Trial.

Circulation 2016 Jun 13;133(23):2279-86. Epub 2016 Apr 13.

From Department of Clinical Neurosciences and Radiology (B.K.M., T.T.S., M.E., N.R.K., A.M.D, M.D.H., M.G.) andDepartment of Community Health Sciences (B.K.M., Y.Z., A.M.D.,M.D.H., M.G.), Cumming School of Medicine, University of Calgary, Canada; Departments of Radiology (J.L.R.) and Medicine (A.S.), University of Alberta, Edmonton, Canada; Departments of Neuroradiology (J.T.) andGeriatric and Stroke Medicine(D.W.), Beaumont Hospital and the Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland, Dublin; Departments of Radiology (D.R.) and Neurosciences (A.Y.P.), University of Montreal, Canada; Department of Neurology, University of Pittsburgh Medical Center, PA (T.G.J.); Acute Stroke Services, University of Tennessee, Chattanooga (B.S.); Department of Radiology, Erlanger Hospital, University of Tennessee, Chattanooga (B.W.B.); Division of Radiology (T.K.) andDivision of Neurology, Department of Medicine (F.L.S.), Toronto Western Hospital, Canada; Colorado Neurological Institute, Engelwood, CO (D.F.F., C.F.); Montreal Neurological Institute, Canada (D.T., J.T.); Departments of Radiology (C.L.) and Neurology (D.D.), University of Ottawa, Canada; Clinical Research Unit, University of Calgary, Canada (M.W.L.); and Hotchkiss Brain Institute, Calgary, Canada (B.K.M., T.T.S., M.E., A.M.D., M.D.H., M.G.).

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June 2016