Dr. Nehal Mohammed Elmashad is a Consultant of Clinical Oncology, works as Associate Professor of Clinical Oncology, Department of Clinical Oncology. Tanta University School of Medicine; Egypt. Tel +2 01094420401
Dr. Elmashad is a member of ESHNO (Egyptian Society of Head and Neck Oncology) since 2009, Egyptian Society of Hematology Oncology since 2009, and The Egyptian Cancer Society since 2002 with different medical professionals, scientists, professors, nurses and others to provide relevant and accurate information on the prevention, early diagnosis, treatment, and palliation of cancer.
Dr. Elmashad is an experienced researcher whose primary interests include clinical trials in HCC, gastro intestinal breast, lung cancers and palliative care. She participates in many national and international clinical trials in the area.
Dr. Elmashad is a recipient of many awards; including a project from Competitive Excellence Project of Egyptian Higher Education Institutions since 2014 and she serve as President of the executive teams of the outputs of the training in (Genetic Signature center for fostering next generation translational cancer research). This is a clear mission to facilitate research and training in miRNA in cancer patients. Also she shares an award from Implementation of Internal Quality Assurance System. Project code: B / TAN /3/02 (178 500 LE) Quality Assurance & Accreditation Project (QAAP), Projects Management Unit (PMU), Ministry of Higher Education, Arab Republic of Egypt, Second Cycle, May, 2005.
Dr Elmashad serves as Head of Crisis Management Unit at Faculty of Medicine, Tanta University, Egypt since 2012.Dr Elmashad works as Professional Trainer of Trainers TOT at National Center of Faculty and Leadership development, International Board of Certified Trainers (IBCT)/NCFLD. This Certified since 30-12-2012. She studied Total Quality Management (TQM) Diploma Canadian International Academy for Advanced Studies2013 and European International College Hospital Management Diploma 2014.
Dr Elmashad shares in Strategic Plan , reviewing Job Description Book for all workers at Faculty of Medicine and its hospital, The Self-Study at Faculty of Medicine, Share in Organizational structure Building for all workers at Faculty of Medicine and its hospital, Tanta University and Internal Quality assurance Peer reviewer of the new program (Malaysian) at Faculty of Medicine, Tanta University. She serves as Director of out patients Clinic of Tanta University Hospital since 07/06/2014 till 06/06/2016

Primary Affiliation: Tanta University - Tanta , Egypt

Specialties: Clinical Oncology