Actually I am an assistant professor at Sfax University, Tunisia, also a post doc at laboratory: Multimedia, Information Systems and Advanced Computing Laboratory (MIRACL), Sfax, Tunisia in a collaboration with laboratory Institute of Neuroscience and system (INS), Marseille, France. I did obtained my PHD in neuroscience from Aix Marseille University since 2012. My main Research interests are :Pre processing of electrophysiological signals EEG, MEG and IEEG, Separation between spikes and oscillations in MEG and IEEG in epilepsy, Despikifing IEEG signal to predict the buildup seizure, source localization of epileptic spikes and gamma oscillations in MEG and IEEG, Epileptic brain dynamic mapping, confrontation of the MEG recordings results versus Intracerebral EEG results, Embedding filtering methods using intelligent architecture, Evaluating centrality measures of brain dynamic.

Primary Affiliation: INSERM - Sfax, Sfax , Tunisia

Specialties: Epilepsy

Research Interests: Epilepsy,eeg,meg,spikes,oscillations,mp,wavelett,connectivity

  • 2012