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Full set of piezo-optic and elasto-optic coefficients of CaTaGaSiO crystals at room temperature.

Appl Opt 2020 Oct;59(28):8951-8958

The photoelasticity of the (CTGS) crystal was studied by an interferometric method based on a single-pass Mach-Zehnder interferometer. The maximum number of sample orientations for the piezo-optic experiments was applied to prove accuracy in the determination of the piezo-optic coefficients. Based on the matrices of the piezo-optic coefficients and the elastic stiffness coefficients, all the coefficients of the elastic-optic matrix are calculated. For the highest coefficient, the acousto-optic efficiency is evaluated. The results obtained for CTGS are compared with the corresponding results for (langasite) crystals. The highest acousto-optic figure of merit of CTGS =1.66⋅10/ is two and three times higher, compared with langasite and strontium borate, respectively, which are often used for acousto-optic modulation of light in the ultraviolet spectral range.
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October 2020