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Enhancing Lithium Insertion with Electrostatic Nanoconfinement in a Lithography Patterned Precision Cell.

ACS Nano 2019 Jul 5;13(7):8481-8489. Epub 2019 Jul 5.

Department of Electrical Engineering , Yale University , New Haven , Connecticut 06511 , United States.

The rapidly growing demand for portable electronics, electric vehicles, and grid storage drives the pursuit of high-performance electrical energy storage (EES). A key strategy for improving EES performance is exploiting nanostructured electrodes that present nanoconfined environments of adjacent electrolytes, with the goal to decrease ion diffusion paths and increase active surface areas. However, fundamental gaps persist in understanding the interface-governed electrochemistry in such nanoconfined geometries, in part because of the imprecise and variable dimension control. Here, we report quantification of lithium insertion under nanoconfinement of the electrolyte in a precise lithography-patterned nanofluidic cell. We show a mechanism that enhances ion insertion under nanoconfinement, namely, selective ion accumulation when the confinement length is comparable to the electrical double layer thickness. The nanofabrication approach with uniform and accurate dimensional control provides a versatile model system to explore fundamental mechanisms of nanoscale electrochemistry, which could have an impact on practical energy storage systems.
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