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Combination of aripiprazole and other psychopharmacological treatments in resistant and multi-resistant patients.

Curr Drug Saf 2008 Sep;3(3):210-5

Salut Mental, Corporació Sanitària Parc Taulí. Sabadell, Barcelona, Spain.

Introduction: Aripiprazole is a new antipsychotic agent that has proven safe and efficacious in controlled clinical trials. However, few published data on its effectiveness and safety when used in augmentation and combination are available.

Methods: Our study aimed to determine the functional effectiveness and safety of different combinations of aripiprazole with other psychotropics in resistant patients. All acute not selected (15) patients treated with aripiprazole and other psychotropics between February 2005 and May 2007 are included.

Results: Mean follow-up 20.4 days. Main diagnosis was schizophrenia (40%) and mean dose of aripiprazole was 25 mg/d. Resistant patients received initially multiple psychotropics (mean 3.3) and their functional status was very low. A significant functional improvement was observed after admission in most (12) of them. Only three patients experienced mild to moderate improvement; another three patients showed extrapyramidal symptoms. No dermatological reactions or adverse effects were observed with lamotrigine association. DISCUSIONS: The combination of aripiprazole with other psychotropics was well tolerated. No significant new adverse reactions were observed. In a short term follow-up, our results show a good tolerability of aripiprazole in combination with other psychotropics of different groups.
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