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Development of functional foods using psyllium husk and wheat bran fractions: Phytic acid contents.

Saudi J Biol Sci 2021 Jun 18;28(6):3602-3606. Epub 2021 Mar 18.

Dept.of Food Science & Nutrition, College of Life Sciences, Kuwait University, P.O. Box. 5969, Safat 13060, Kuwait.

Wheat grain is a rich source of phosphorus which is present mostly as phytic acid and is distributed mainly in the bran and germ fractions. Phytic acid has now been recognized as an important phytochemical having antioxidant properties. This study deals with the determination of total as well as phytic phosphorus contents of psyllium (PS), course (CB) and fine wheat bran (FB) enriched pan bread and Arabic flat bread. The concentration of phytic acid in CB, FB, wheat germ, wholegrain wheat flour (WGF), white wheat flour (WWF), and psyllium were found to be 8.86 mg/g, 8.52 mg/g, 6.05 mg/g, 1.74 mg/g, 0.46 mg/g and 0.02 mg/g, respectively. Most of the phosphorus existed as phytic phosphorus (74.7-90.8%) in FB, CB, germ, and WGF as compared to only 42.6% in WWF. The level of phytic phosphorus in pan bread containing 10% CB, 20% FB (both containing with 5% PS) was found to be 0.63 mg/g and 1.53 mg/g respectively, as compared to only 0.34 mg/g in WWF pan bread, and 0.90 mg/g in WGF pan bread. The phytic phosphorus content in Arabic bread made with WGF and 3% psyllium was 1.32 mg/g as compared to only 0.48 mg/g in WWF Arabic flat bread. The results obtained indicate that the level of phytic phosphorus significantly increased in bread formulations containing CB, FB, and WGF, but no change with psyllium addition was observed. Adding these wheat mill fractions, and psyllium will enable bakeries not only to produce fiber-enriched pan bread and Arabic bread but would also benefit consumers to increase their dietary fiber intakes, and health-promoting phytochemicals coming from wheat bran and germ fractions.
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