Dr.  Maya Boustani, PhD - University of California, Los Angeles - Postdoctoral Researcher

Dr. Maya Boustani


University of California, Los Angeles

Postdoctoral Researcher

Los Angeles, CA | United States

Main Specialties: Other

Additional Specialties: Adolescent risky behaviors

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Dr.  Maya Boustani, PhD - University of California, Los Angeles - Postdoctoral Researcher

Dr. Maya Boustani



Maya Boustani is pursuing a program of implementation research focused on reducing mental health disparities for vulnerable youth and families. Her research rests on three principles (a) prioritize research-practice partnerships in the design and delivery of services; (b) identify low-cost ways to disseminate evidence-based practices in communities of need, using indigenous resources; and (c) attend closely to workforce and organizational factors that support feasibility, effective implementation, and sustainability of evidence based practice.

Primary Affiliation: University of California, Los Angeles - Los Angeles, CA , United States


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Aug 2016
Florida International University




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