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Characterization of a novel biodegradable edible film obtained from Dracocephalum moldavica seed mucilage.

Int J Biol Macromol 2018 Mar 2;108:874-883. Epub 2017 Nov 2.

Department of Food Hygiene and Aquaculture, Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, Ferdowsi University of Mashhad (FUM), P.O. Box 9177948974, Mashhad, Iran.

This study investigated the feasibility of using Dracocephalum moldavica seed mucilage (DMSM) as a novel film-forming material. The chemical composition and functional group of the dried DMSM were determined. The DMSM films were prepared using three levels of glycerol (10-40%, w/w). The thermal, micro-structural, barrier, physical, and mechanical properties of the films and their antioxidant activity were examined as a function of the glycerol concentration. As the concentration increased, the films' water vapour permeability, elongation at break (%EB), water solubility, and moisture content significantly increased. But the tensile strength, surface hydrophobicity, melting point, and glass transition point (T) decreased significantly. The films became slightly greenish or yellowish in colour but still looked transparent All the DMSM films displayed remarkable antioxidant activities. The electron micrographs showed that the plasticized films had a uniform surface without any obvious cracks or pores. The results of the present study suggest that DMSM as a novel antioxidant edible film with interesting specifications can be used to package several food products.
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