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A convolutional neural network algorithm for automatic segmentation of head and neck organs at risk using deep lifelong learning.

Med Phys 2019 May 4;46(5):2204-2213. Epub 2019 Apr 4.

Department of Radiation Oncology, University of California, San Francisco, CA, 94115, USA.

Purpose: This study suggests a lifelong learning-based convolutional neural network (LL-CNN) algorithm as a superior alternative to single-task learning approaches for automatic segmentation of head and neck (OARs) organs at risk.

Methods And Materials: Lifelong learning-based convolutional neural network was trained on twelve head and neck OARs simultaneously using a multitask learning framework. Once the weights of the shared network were established, the final multitask convolutional layer was replaced by a single-task convolutional layer. The single-task transfer learning network was trained on each OAR separately with early stoppage. The accuracy of LL-CNN was assessed based on Dice score and root-mean-square error (RMSE) compared to manually delineated contours set as the gold standard. LL-CNN was compared with 2D-UNet, 3D-UNet, a single-task CNN (ST-CNN), and a pure multitask CNN (MT-CNN). Training, validation, and testing followed Kaggle competition rules, where 160 patients were used for training, 20 were used for internal validation, and 20 in a separate test set were used to report final prediction accuracies.

Results: On average contours generated with LL-CNN had higher Dice coefficients and lower RMSE than 2D-UNet, 3D-Unet, ST- CNN, and MT-CNN. LL-CNN required ~72 hrs to train using a distributed learning framework on 2 Nvidia 1080Ti graphics processing units. LL-CNN required 20 s to predict all 12 OARs, which was approximately as fast as the fastest alternative methods with the exception of MT-CNN.

Conclusions: This study demonstrated that for head and neck organs at risk, LL-CNN achieves a prediction accuracy superior to all alternative algorithms.
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