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[Etiologic factors in development of inflammatory diseases (cheilitis) of the lips].

Georgian Med News 2009 Mar(168):27-31

Last years the number of patients affected with lips' pathologies has been significantly increased that could be caused by different exogenic (chemical, biological, pharmacological and toxic substances etc.) and endogenic factors. Therefore, considering the above-mentioned etiologic factors, the aim of our study was identification and differentiation of different types of Cheilitis and basing on the study of their pathogenesis, to perform differential diagnostics and to systematize them. In certain cases, cheilitis appeared to be the early manifestations of diseases of different organs or organ systems on lips, laying the great responsibility on the Doctor-Stomatologists, who together with the other appropriate specialists is obliged to perform diagnostics of general (background) diseases in time; to make differential diagnostics and to plan the further and target therapy.
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March 2009