Publications by authors named "Lucienne Garcia Pretto-Giordano"

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Paracoccidioides brasiliensis-associated dermatitis and lymphadenitis in a dog.
Mycopathologia 2017 Apr 18;182(3-4):425-434. Epub 2016 Oct 18.
Laboratory of Applied Immunology, Department of Pathological Sciences, Universidade Estadual de Londrina, Londrina, Paraná, Brazil.

Cryptococcus gattii-Induced Infections in Dogs from Southern Brazil.
Mycopathologia 2015 Oct 30;180(3-4):265-75. Epub 2015 May 30.
Laboratory of Animal Pathology, Department of Veterinary Preventive Medicine, Universidade Estadual de Londrina, Rodovia Celso Garcia Cid, PR 445 Km 380, Campus Universitário, PO Box 10.011, Londrina, Paraná, 86057-970, Brazil,