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Improving Docking Power for Short Peptides Using Random Forest.

J Chem Inf Model 2021 06 14;61(6):3074-3090. Epub 2021 Jun 14.

Koliber Biosciences, Inc., 12265 World Trade Drive, Suite G, San Diego, California 92128, United States.

In recent years, therapeutic peptides have gained a lot interest as demonstrated by the 60 peptides approved as drugs in major markets and 150+ peptides currently in clinical trials. However, while small molecule docking is routinely used in rational drug design efforts, docking peptides has proven challenging partly because docking scoring functions, developed and calibrated for small molecules, perform poorly for these molecules. Here, we present random forest classifiers trained to discriminate correctly docked peptides. We show that, for a testing set of 47 protein-peptide complexes, structurally dissimilar from the training set and previously used to benchmark AutoDock Vina's ability to dock short peptides, these random forest classifiers improve docking power from ∼25% for AutoDock scoring functions to an average of ∼70%. These results pave the way for peptide-docking success rates comparable to those of small molecule docking. To develop these classifiers, we compiled the ProptPep37_2021 data set, a curated, high-quality set of 322 crystallographic protein-peptides complexes annotated with structural similarity information. The data set also provides a collection of high-quality putative poses with a range of deviations from the crystallographic pose, providing correct and incorrect poses (i.e., decoys) of the peptide for each entry. The ProptPep37_2021 data set as well as the classifiers presented here are freely available.
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June 2021