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Shielding effect of radiation dose reduction fiber during the use of C-arm fluoroscopy: a phantom study.

J Radiat Res 2020 Sep;61(5):705-711

Department of Orthopaedic Surgery, Seoul National University Bundang Hospital, Gyeonggi, Korea.

This study evaluated the shielding effect of a newly developed dose-reduction fiber (DRF) made from barium sulfate, in terms of radiation doses delivered to patients' radiosensitive organs and operator during C-arm fluoroscopy and its impact on the quality of images. A C-arm fluoroscopy unit was placed beside a whole-body phantom. Radiophotoluminescent glass dosimeters were attached to the back and front of the whole-body phantom at 20 cm intervals. Radiation doses were measured without DRF and with it applied to the back (position 1), front (position 2) or both sides (position 3) of the phantom. To investigate the impact of DRF on the quality of fluoroscopic images, step-wedge and modulation transfer function phantoms were used. The absorbed radiation doses to the back of the phantom significantly decreased by 25.3-88.8% after applying DRF to positions 1 and 3. The absorbed radiation doses to the front of the phantom significantly decreased by 55.3-93.6% after applying DRF to positions 2 and 3. The contrast resolution values for each adjacent step area fell in the range 0.0119-0.0209, 0.0128-0.0271, 0.0135-0.0339 and 0.0152-0.0339 without and with DRF applied to positions 1, 2 and 3, respectively. The investigated DRF effectively reduces absorbed radiation doses to patients and operators without decreasing the quality of C-arm fluoroscopic images. Therefore, routine clinical use of the DRF is recommended during the use of C-arm fluoroscopy.
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