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Vibration transfer in the ball-stem contact interface of artificial hips.

Med Eng Phys 2013 Oct 23;35(10):1513-7. Epub 2013 May 23.

TUHH - Hamburg University of Technology, Institute of Biomechanics, Denickestrasse 15, 21073 Hamburg, Germany.

Audible squeaking has put the reputation of ceramic bearings for total hip replacements into question. Inter-articular friction induces vibrations in the ceramic head which are transferred through the head-taper interface to the femoral stem. If excited to sufficient amplitudes, squeaking can be emitted by the stem. Hence, the damping and amplification properties of this interface have a crucial influence on stem vibrations. The aim of this study was to determine the vibration transfer behavior between the head and the taper of a femoral stem and its dependence on the assembly force, in order to assess its influence on the development of audible squeaking. A ceramic head was assembled on a titanium femoral stem taper with high and low forces. Frequency response functions characterizing the head-stem interface were determined experimentally. The interface demonstrated negligible influence on vibration transfer in the squeaking frequency range (1-5 kHz). However its damping effect in lower and higher frequency ranges was significant and some areas of amplification were also found. Although squeaking vibration was not influenced by the particular interface studied, the method established can be utilized to trace taper designs with dynamic properties that decrease the susceptibility to squeaking.
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