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A SLM2 Feedback Pathway Controls Cortical Network Activity and Mouse Behavior.

Cell Rep 2016 12;17(12):3269-3280

Institute of Genetic Medicine, Newcastle University, Newcastle upon Tyne NE1 3BZ, UK. Electronic address:

The brain is made up of trillions of synaptic connections that together form neural networks needed for normal brain function and behavior. SLM2 is a member of a conserved family of RNA binding proteins, including Sam68 and SLM1, that control splicing of Neurexin1-3 pre-mRNAs. Whether SLM2 affects neural network activity is unknown. Here, we find that SLM2 levels are maintained by a homeostatic feedback control pathway that predates the divergence of SLM2 and Sam68. SLM2 also controls the splicing of Tomosyn2, LysoPLD/ATX, Dgkb, Kif21a, and Cask, each of which are important for synapse function. Cortical neural network activity dependent on synaptic connections between SLM2-expressing-pyramidal neurons and interneurons is decreased in Slm2-null mice. Additionally, these mice are anxious and have a decreased ability to recognize novel objects. Our data reveal a pathway of SLM2 homeostatic auto-regulation controlling brain network activity and behavior.
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December 2016