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Hydrolysis of Schiff bases with phenyl-ethynyl-phenyl system: The importance for biological and physicochemical studies.

J Photochem Photobiol B 2020 Nov 11;212:112020. Epub 2020 Sep 11.

Institute of Chemistry, University of Silesia, 9 Szkolna Str., 40-006 Katowice, Poland. Electronic address:

A series of new Schiff bases containing the phenyl-ethynyl-phenyl system was synthesized and their thermal stability, photophysical and electrochemical properties were investigated. Moreover, DFT calculations were performed to obtain the optimized ground-state geometry and distribution of the HOMO and LUMO levels as well as IR spectra of the prepared compounds. It was found that, the photoluminescence of synthesized imines was negligible in all investigated organic solvents except for the PBS/ACN mixture. As was proved in further studies, this phenomenon was related to the partial hydrolysis of imines, which is the source of the fluorogenic aldehyde causing the aggreggacion incrased-emision effect. In further research, due to the susceptibility of the azomethines to partial hydrolysis, the biological activity of 2-{(E)-[4-(phenylethynyl) phenyl]imino}phenol (1b), substrate (2-aminophenol) and Cu(II)-1b complex was analyzed. The biological tests showed, that 1b (as example of imine resveratrol analogue), demonstrated its increased cytostatic activity in prostate cancer cellular system. It was proved that the non-hydrolyzed imine was crucial for the cytotoxic effect. This activity could be ascribed to its Cu(II) complexing capability as showed in our previous research.
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November 2020

Energy and environment as the foundations for sustainable development.

Environ Sci Pollut Res Int 2019 03 7;26(9):8359-8361. Epub 2019 Mar 7.

Faculty of Energy and Fuels, AGH University of Science and Technology, Al. Mickiewicza 30, 30-059, Krakow, Poland.

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March 2019

Context and strain-dependent behavioral response to stress.

Behav Brain Funct 2008 Jun 2;4:23. Epub 2008 Jun 2.

Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine, The Asher Center, Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences, Chicago, IL 60611, USA.

Background: This study posed the question whether strain differences in stress-reactivity lead to differential behavioral responses in two different tests of anxiety. Strain differences in anxiety-measures are known, but strain differences in the behavioral responses to acute prior stress are not well characterized.

Methods: We studied male Fisher 344 (F344) and Wistar Kyoto (WKY) rats basally and immediately after one hour restraint stress. To distinguish between the effects of novelty and prior stress, we also investigated behavior after repeated exposure to the test chamber. Two behavioral tests were explored; the elevated plus maze (EPM) and the open field (OFT), both of which are thought to measure activity, exploration and anxiety-like behaviors. Additionally, rearing, a voluntary behavior, and grooming, a relatively automatic, stress-responsive stereotyped behavior were measured in both tests.

Results: Prior exposure to the test environment increased anxiety-related measures regardless of prior stress, reflecting context-dependent learning process in both tests and strains. Activity decreased in response to repeated testing in both tests and both strains, but prior stress decreased activity only in the OFT which was reversed by repeated testing. Prior stress decreased anxiety-related measures in the EPM, only in F344s, while in the OFT, stress led to increased freezing mainly in WKYs.

Conclusion: Data suggest that differences in stressfulness of these tests predict the behavior of the two strains of animals according to their stress-reactivity and coping style, but that repeated testing can overcome some of these differences.
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June 2008