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Serbian primary care physicians' perspectives on adolescents' right to confidentiality in sexual and reproductive healthcare-a qualitative interview study.

Fam Pract 2019 05;36(3):317-324

Department of Humanities, Faculty of Medicine, University of Belgrade, Serbia.

Background: In prominent international documents and professional position papers, confidentiality was recognized as a necessary condition for effective reproductive healthcare of adolescents. Although legally guaranteed, it is questionable if the right to confidentiality of adolescents is respected in healthcare practice in Serbia.

Objectives: To assess primary care physicians' perspectives on the legal right of minors to confidentiality in sexual and reproductive healthcare, as well as their experiences in practice.

Methods: Qualitative, semi-structured face-to-face interviews with 12 primary care pediatricians and gynecologists at several municipalities of the city of Belgrade were performed. Interview transcripts were analyzed using qualitative content analysis method.

Results: Most interviewees were aware of their legal obligations and support the general idea of granting adolescents the right to confidentiality. They recognized that the lack of confidentiality assurances prevents adolescents' access to sensitive care. However, physicians expressed concerns regarding medical situations when parents should be notified, which was reflected in their inconsistent respect of said right in actual practice. Several organizational obstacles were emphasized by interviewees, including insufficient number of physicians, time constraints, poor access to gynecological services and vague definitions of legal provisions.

Conclusion: If the aim is for adolescents' right to confidentiality to be consistently respected in practice, primary care physicians need to be systematically educated about legal provisions and given comprehensive clinical guidelines. The general positive attitude towards confidentiality expressed by the primary care physicians implies that a possibility exists to engage them as main advocates for improvements in access to the necessary health care.
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May 2019

Prostitution as a Psychiatric Situation: Ethical Aspects.

Psychiatr Danub 2016 Dec;28(4):349-356

Department of Humanities, School of Medicine of University of Belgrade, Dr Subotića 8, 11000 Belgrade, Serbia,

This paper presents the morally controversial phenomenon of prostitution. As the basis for contemplating the prostitution issue the most important is revealing and understanding its primitive ethical root. For understanding its "soul", its essence, also important is comprehending sexual, "elementary thoughts" of mankind, through the relationship between prostitution and religious, social, political and spiritual life, and its nature as a reflection of the sexual-ethical concepts in different epochs and nations. We emphasize the connection between prostitution and psychiatry. Placing a special focus on importance of personality for deciding to become a prostitute, and by pulling it through a moral prism we define prostitution as a new medical situation. In favor of that, we stress the importance of the presence, position and role of psychiatrists within an indispensable multidisciplinary team, which is complementary despite its heterogeneousness, synergistically and simultaneously dealing with psychological, physical and social health-problems of women engaged in prostitution. We propose peer education as a way of promoting healthy and safer behaviors among the subculture of prostitutes, where we see another important role of psychiatrists in selecting/recruiting, training and motivating peer educators among them.
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December 2016